I Miss

I miss you when I woke up this morning
I miss the way you look at me when you wake up
I miss you

Dry And Dehydrated

On the way to Koh Lipe

I sit here and read status updates on my friends’ Facebook profile. Almost all are either already diving somewhere, or going diving tonight. Yesterday, Boatman called me up telling me how diving has been great in Perhentian. Yesterday morning, some friends text me that they were boarding either a speedboat, or a ferry somewhere – all island bound.

Yes, I know I always do that to other divers. I am guilty of spending every weekend diving back in 2005/2006, and spending long durations on islands in 2007, and diving when others don’t, such as during the fasting month and on Hari Raya.

This year, apart from doing jobs underwater, I have only gone on a dive trip ONCE! And I have yet to go back to Perhentian. Well, the last time I was in Perhentian it was during Hari Raya – it was sunny the first day I was there, then it rained like mad, as it did then in my heart – the very reason I went to dive on a Hari Raya.

Perhentian has improved a lot since my first dives there: seahorses, more sharks, marine life in abundance, fantastic marine life at the Sugar Wreck, including occasional sightings of Blacktip Reef Sharks. Come to think of it, almost everywhere has been the same lately.

I have to go back to Perhentian for a recreational dive trip very soon – and I will also need to go and do dives using the Yellow-Box-Of-Death (YBOD) in Tioman. I need more underwater photographs, and I need them soon.

And I can hardly wait…

A Friday Issue: Condom For The Religious

This will only work if you have a big cork.

Big cork
Take a cork…a big one

Cover with this

And you’re covered…

Notice the exposed sides: this is so that the sensation is maintained. The wiring on the side means added pleasure for the female partner (a male partner would not be able to go to the toilet for two weeks without screaming in pain if you use this on him). The cover in front means you can have sex without cumming – so technically, during fasting month, if you don’t cum then your fast is not void.