Estima Or Alphard?

I am currently driving a Naza Ria 2.5 GS. Nice, powerful, and yes, I race in it too (my Saga is getting a bit old for racing…not worried about the engine….just worried about the whole chassis integrity at 170kmh).

The Naza Ria, is now getting a bit old. This July it will be 4 years since I bought it. Even the NazaKia outlet than sold it to me has been closed – a long time ago. It’s done 11x,xxx kms, all 4 bearings have been replaced. Engine mountings need to be replaced as well. So it is time for it to have a new owner.

My question now, which I may need your input, is: should I get the racy looking Toyota Estima 2.4:

Toyota Estima 2.4

Or, the transformer-like Toyota Alphard 2.4:

Toyota Alphard 2.4

The Alphard is a lot more spacious than the Estima is.

Like the Naza Ria, I’m going to buy this cash. No, I don’t go to Dubai via First Class. I just do not like to owe banks money, even if I do not have much.

Your feedbacks, please.

Before I Forget In 2 Days Time

To all the mothers who still read this blog, especially DNAS, Cincin, Liverpool Babe, Betch Club President, SeaDiamond, Meandmylife, wanshana, neomesuff, Fid, Maz, Michelle, Prissy a.k.a Podgykat, Zieta, Lia, srazlin, lucei, Gee, Janet, Angel, Aishah, rozie, Bad, Q, Ame, Esther, Daa – be the great mother that you all are. To Yummy Baby, it’s a tough job handling the kids singlehandedly but I think you are a superb mom and I love you lots and more. To the one who carried me for at least 40 weeks, and lost one 3-year old 40 days before I was born, I love you, Mak. I may not be the one you are happy with, and neither am I happy with the situation I am in right now, if I have to live my life all over again, I wouldn’t want it any different – I am thankful to you and God for who I am today.

May God bestow upon you all, His blessings and protection, so you can all have the strength to continue to fulfill your duties as a mother.


Happy Mother's Day