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Before I Forget In 2 Days Time

Posted on: May 9, 2008

To all the mothers who still read this blog, especially DNAS, Cincin, Liverpool Babe, Betch Club President, SeaDiamond, Meandmylife, wanshana, neomesuff, Fid, Maz, Michelle, Prissy a.k.a Podgykat, Zieta, Lia, srazlin, lucei, Gee, Janet, Angel, Aishah, rozie, Bad, Q, Ame, Esther, Daa – be the great mother that you all are. To Yummy Baby, it’s a tough job handling the kids singlehandedly but I think you are a superb mom and I love you lots and more. To the one who carried me for at least 40 weeks, and lost one 3-year old 40 days before I was born, I love you, Mak. I may not be the one you are happy with, and neither am I happy with the situation I am in right now, if I have to live my life all over again, I wouldn’t want it any different – I am thankful to you and God for who I am today.

May God bestow upon you all, His blessings and protection, so you can all have the strength to continue to fulfill your duties as a mother.


Happy Mother's Day

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Many, many thanks. I hope your mom realises how much you love her no matter what has happened. You have a good day, ok.

Thank you for the wish, SD!

(I have to say – tersebak sikit baca your wish to your mom…)

And my hubby had a look at this blog, and he said he THINKS he knows who you are, just that you had more hair before….HAHAHAHA! And I chided him – Didn’t BOTH of you…

Have a great weekend.

PAJ…my pleasure. You’re a great mom…and cook. Much like Yummy Baby. Well, I’m sure she does. Gave her a chocolate cake for her birthday last February (well, I had it delivered to her). Sibling rivalry is the thing that is keeping me away. I do not like to be accused of wanting my father’s money. The thing my siblings forget is, inheritance means inheriting the debts as well.

Wanshana…I’ll look for a scanner and try scan pics of my days in Sekolah Melayu Jalan Stesen.

Nak flowers!!!!! hahaaa.
Thanx! thanx! thanx!

Hafta check when is fathers day pulak…teeheehee

My Dear SD,

Thank you, thank you…sigh…It`s that time of the year again…

Guess it is not too early to wish you…Happy Father`s Day too 🙂

Hugs and kisses, Cincin…

Neomesuff…most welcome. It was good to see you again last nite. Yummy Baby and I had a great time with you. When is Father’s Day? Everyday la. 😀

Cincin…thank you, thank you. Is your ape going to wish you?

thanks beb

Liverpool Babe,

Nyet prablyema. See you and Gombak4Life tomorrow nite.

3 bottles waiting…Gemgem buying halal ones from MIHAS. 😀 😀

look forward to it…look like we cant gossip over halal bottles…

Hmm since it’s Mother’s Day why don’t you take over the kitchen for our Saturday dinner?

Ada brani?

ha ha ha 🙂 my ape is actually taking me out for lunch…:o

That is why i am ok lah…hee hee…..

Liverpool Babe…we can still gossip about religion :p

JZ…hello…I’m doing the Kornet Fried Rice and also the Cum Biscuits, okay?

Cincin….wah…your air-cond must be powderful. People usually take for dinner, then wallop in bed. You go for lunch…after that sure sweat like hell. Sei for!

yeah right, powderful alright!!! :p

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