Sometimes It Refuses…

I was at Holiday Plaza this afternoon when I felt the urge to go.

Yes, go!

I paid 20 sen to the “caretaker” (I don’t know if this 70-year old guy is the caretaker or just the toll collector for the many burly tattooed chinese men that go from shop to shop first thing in the morning probably collecting protection money from tenants) and went in, and chose the cleanest booth to do my job.

Having done the job, I flushed. The damned thing refused to go. I flushed again. Still it refused to go. I was pretty sure I have not had anything heavy like One-Tonne Noodle for breakfast as I had had Lontong Kering at Larkin with Giant Otter. I had to employ the help of the pipe to blast it at its base before attacking it by flushing it again. This time, reluctantly but not without a fight, it was successfully flushed.

I must have had a heavy breakfast!


This posting was made with the understanding that shit is cleaner than politics.