Ketuanan Melayu – Sampai Ketua La Melayu Me-Layu

Disclaimer: the view given below is solely mine and is not intended to influence anyone else. If you find yourself influenced by it, then you should take that as your own doing. Government agents reading this blog, I have two words for you: FUCK OFF!


Ketuanan Melayu.

The phrase that almost cost Barisan Nasional the seat of the government. For two consecutive years I, a malay, would cringe at the sight of Hishamuddin kissing the keris. Whenever he did that, there would be representatives from the youth wing of MCA, MIC, Gerakan and all the other component parties of Barisan Nasional.

What went through his mind then? That this is Tanah Melayu and the malays are the ‘tuan’ of this tanah? I don’t know which decade is he still in when he did that, but his grandfather, the founder of UMNO, certainly had a multiracial UMNO in mind – not a party that consists of people fighting for the rights of one race only.

50 years after the nation achieved its independence, we are nowhere near racial unity and harmony. In fact, we are even worse than we were 5 years after the May 13th tragedy of 1969. Every single race fights for its rights, but none fight for the common rights. Anyway, like a black calling another black “nigger”, I am going to confine myself to being racist only towards one race – my own.

One thing I never learnt when I was in the Malay College was to uphold the spirit of ‘Ketuanan Melayu.’ There were several teachers like Cikgu Mustafa Ishak (M.I) who was a staunch UMNO supporter; then we had the late Ustaz Yusof Ismail and Cikgu Azmi who supported PAS. In fact, the former contested as a PAS candidate in the 1990 general elections, but lost. However, none used politics to influence the thinking of we students back then. Teachers were professionals, and did what they were paid to do – teach and guide. Race was never an issue, what more in the swimming squad, when we mixed not just with team members from other races, but also from the opposite gender.

Then, enter life abroad – you have members from the PAS and UMNO supporters clubs trying to influence you. The Malaysian Chinese joined groups normally headed by Hongkies, and took the anti-Malaysian stance. A good friend of mine, Yew Weng, refused to speak to me after a month of joining this group. Another, a senior of mine at the Malay College, made a 180-degree turn, from one who advocates hardcore porn, to an ultra-religious rigid-thinking zealot. He succeeded in getting himself disowned by his parents after he refused their visit, calling them kafir; threw his TV set from the first floor window, walked barefooted during winter, and finally refused to go to lectures because the subject was deemed unIslamic. Not ong after, he got cancer – very swift did the illness come, and he lingered in excruciating pain before he died.

Anyway, what is Ketuanan Melayu? The assertion of malay rights to the land? Special rights above others? And back to Hishamuddin, did he not realise that all those who were in the Dewan were born after Merdeka and therefore has every right to be treated equally?

If you are a malay, how proud of you of your own race? You do not get to see a chinese Mat Rempit. Otherwise you’d be calling them Ah Beng Rempit instead. Most are school dropouts. Some are just proud to remain as despatch riders who get dispatched to the graves by the roads on a daily basis. Are you proud that your race, get to go to local universities, not based on their abilities, but on quota basis? Are you proud that these youngsters will then be given scholarships, made of money paid by Malaysians – Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazandusun, Iban etc etc? Are you proud to see these malay youngsters then use the money to spend on girls, or retrofitting their motorbikes? Are you proud that most flunk and have to resit, or relegated to a junior year, while those who graduate, graduate only with a 3rd class degree? Are you proud that these idiots then take up senior government posts to become Director-Generals, District Engineers, District Officers, Ministers and what-have-you’s with the superb capability to speak good Kindergarten-level English? Oh, that sounds so much like the person mentioned in this posting. I pity my brothers-in-arms who are not malays. Not many of them get the chance to be promoted, all the way to the top. And the worst part is, even their children do not often get scholarships to study abroad – and this is how we repay the sacrifices they have made to enable us to sleep peacefully at night.

How can Ketuanan Melayu be achieved, when the melayus themselves behave and have the mentality of coolies? I did not insult Ku Li there, okay? I think he would make a fine PM. Get lost, Pak Lah. You brought shame to UMNO.

I went for a drive a few nights ago and went past my other alma mater, SK St John’s. Before passing the school building, I passed this magnificent building – the St John’s Cathedral. I remember I have entered that place of worship, as I have entered other Catholic institutions like St Francis Xavier’s off Jalan Gasing, Assumption off Jalan Templer; Anglican institution like St Mary’s at Dataran Merdeka. These were built during a time when religious freedom was truly that. Nowadays I cringe when I see shoplots turned into places of worship just because the local act does not allow other places of worships to be built if a certain acreage is not met. And developers will always develop housing estates short of this acreage. Why is it that Muhammad pbuh allowed Jews and Christians to worship freely and for Muslims in Madinah and elsewhere during that time to assist in the construction of these institutions? How Tuan are we when we do not allow level playing field? Why should we fear other religions if we have a solid foundation of our own?

Malays should realise that this is the world of the survival of the fittest. Those that are not fit but have the determination to succeed, should be helped, regardless of race and religion. For them to achieve Ketuanan Melayu, they should strive to excel on their own with little or no help at all. They should strive to graduate with honours – First Class, and do away with the kampung mentality. They should be able to converse in other languages fluently, especially in English, instead of demanding that Malay be taught back for Science and Mathematics because English is the language of the colonialists – an excuse for their poor command of the language. They should learn to respect people of other races and religion, and spend more time getting to know them, their cultural and religious peculiarities. With all that, the malays, if any make it to the top spot in any organisation, will be respected, and deserve to be called a ‘Tuan’ even by other malays.

That is what Ketuanan Melayu should be. Not by kissing some stupid weapon and intimidate other races.

What do you think?

When Things Are Better…

I’m sorry, Sayang, because despite not being able to keep my eyes open just now, I am still up. My eyes are smarting right now, but I have to say my piece tonight.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

How true. Suddenly all the pain I used to feel are in the distant past, they no longer cause anger or hurt. I cannot sleep at night because I want to always see the person I love. See how you sleep, how gentle and lovely that face is that I love so much.

And everyday, it gets only better. Even the plain rice, kicap, fried egg, tasted nice because you prepared them for me – and there I was, struggling to keep my eyes open after my Mandarin class; I whacked everything clean, because you waited up for me to make sure I ate something. The little disagreements that we have have no effect on how I feel for you – and I can only feel more and more each day for you – because you always make things better for me.

And I know I love you because even when the room reverberated to the low-frequency snore (a sign that you were truly tired but contented) that you emitted, you sounded and looked cute. I kissed your forehead and cheek and said to you, “Yang, you are snoring.”

Your eyes half-open, you smile and said, “Cibai la you ni.”

Even that sounded very loving.

And all I could do was to reciprocate by holding you close. nice and snug, in my arms.