When Things Are Better…

I’m sorry, Sayang, because despite not being able to keep my eyes open just now, I am still up. My eyes are smarting right now, but I have to say my piece tonight.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

How true. Suddenly all the pain I used to feel are in the distant past, they no longer cause anger or hurt. I cannot sleep at night because I want to always see the person I love. See how you sleep, how gentle and lovely that face is that I love so much.

And everyday, it gets only better. Even the plain rice, kicap, fried egg, tasted nice because you prepared them for me – and there I was, struggling to keep my eyes open after my Mandarin class; I whacked everything clean, because you waited up for me to make sure I ate something. The little disagreements that we have have no effect on how I feel for you – and I can only feel more and more each day for you – because you always make things better for me.

And I know I love you because even when the room reverberated to the low-frequency snore (a sign that you were truly tired but contented) that you emitted, you sounded and looked cute. I kissed your forehead and cheek and said to you, “Yang, you are snoring.”

Your eyes half-open, you smile and said, “Cibai la you ni.”

Even that sounded very loving.

And all I could do was to reciprocate by holding you close. nice and snug, in my arms.