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When Things Are Better…

Posted on: May 14, 2008

I’m sorry, Sayang, because despite not being able to keep my eyes open just now, I am still up. My eyes are smarting right now, but I have to say my piece tonight.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

How true. Suddenly all the pain I used to feel are in the distant past, they no longer cause anger or hurt. I cannot sleep at night because I want to always see the person I love. See how you sleep, how gentle and lovely that face is that I love so much.

And everyday, it gets only better. Even the plain rice, kicap, fried egg, tasted nice because you prepared them for me – and there I was, struggling to keep my eyes open after my Mandarin class; I whacked everything clean, because you waited up for me to make sure I ate something. The little disagreements that we have have no effect on how I feel for you – and I can only feel more and more each day for you – because you always make things better for me.

And I know I love you because even when the room reverberated to the low-frequency snore (a sign that you were truly tired but contented) that you emitted, you sounded and looked cute. I kissed your forehead and cheek and said to you, “Yang, you are snoring.”

Your eyes half-open, you smile and said, “Cibai la you ni.”

Even that sounded very loving.

And all I could do was to reciprocate by holding you close. nice and snug, in my arms.

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hahahhhah…when in love fart oso wongi kihkihkih

cibai ke cipan?

There’s a place in the sun where there’s hope for everyone – including you.May your
happiness lasts…

Cipan!!!!!!! Yeah, tell the whole world, why dont you…

Siap kau!

Neomesuff…seriously…she looked cute

Gem..the former…the latter I think she reserves for you, or when in public

Miss Leo…I hope so too

JZ…well, at least the whole world knows I love you regardless

Reserved for me?
At 9.36am today she sure made it look like it was for you…..

She’s still having her dizzy spells

Tell her to up the snoring and fine-tune it such that is it exactly phased so that in terms of the sinusoidal sound waves, they amplify at the peaks and cancel each other at the throughs. Some say it has a similar effect to men that the purring and vibrating of a Ferrari engine has on a lady sitting in the car. Cue flashback from When Harry Met Sally. Even better if a few farts are thrown in the mix. Sneezes also add to the effect. Maybe. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just messed up.

Sorry ulangtayang:

on May 14th, 2008 at 9:36 am

CIBAI!!!!!!! Yeah, tell the whole world, why dont you…

Siap kau!

Love you too Daddy.

Gombak4life…speaking from real-life experience?

JZ…love you too, Girl

Hmmm…mmg takde chance la aku nak pi dive ngan kau lagi…hahaha

Kimi…hahhaa…diving comes under a different category…itu memang kena buat…do or die

when u in love, beside kentut oso wangi, annoying things oso CUTE !!

Nora…I can assure you the kentot remains lethal. The snoring part, rare, but cute.

Hahaha, when was the last time you mentioned about diving to me this season? Season is just opened and you still on the land. U should change ur name to Landemon or Jejaka USJ. 😀

I am truly happy for you…
I won`t be around for the coming school break…so you please still stay in this mood till I return in June…

Cheers and don`t miss me, ok…Tiger…grrrrrrowl.. :p

Kimi…hello…I asked you a few times la to come dive with me. Anyway, I’ve been to Tioman twice this year okay? And this coming Monday I have to do a dive at a dam to help clear some debris at the pump at the base of the dam.

Cincin…where are you going this school break? SMS me la if you wanna go for drinks or something…must catch up.

hek elehhh…. angau lagi!!!

or something??? :o…ha ha ha

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