Dang La!

Visakha Bucha is on Monday, and everyone will be on leave. Everyone but me…and Azizul. Received a the day before yesterday from my principal that a client wants divers to unclog one of the outlet valves of a dam north of here. Initially, I called Nik to act as my backup diver but Nik already has a job with PETRONAS Melaka. So, I had to rope in Azizul. Luckily he is not going anywhere this weekend. Both Azizul and Nik have done underwater jobs with me; the last Nik did with me was the structural inspection in Kemasin back in December 2007, while Azizul’s last with me was for the deployment of artificial reefs mid of last year. So I have asked Azizul to get his equipment ready for Monday’s one-day deployment.

Then on Tuesday most probably, I will have to act as a safety diver at Redang island for this one company that will be doing some underwater activity. This will be a two-day deployment I was told. So hopefully I’ll be back on Thursday, hopefully for some Thursday-Night-Friday activity.

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.