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Happy Teachers Day

Posted on: May 16, 2008

This is a dedication to all the teachers, retired teachers, teachers whom have passed on…may God bless you for your tireless effort and dedication. My teachers from Primary through Secondary schools(forgive me if there are those whom I have left out):

SK St John’s (1)

Darjah 1 Kuning – Mrs Rahim (I had to excel because she was my mother’s college-mate at the Teachers Training College in Kota Bharu)
Darjah 2 Kuning – I cannot remember her name or how she looked like, but my friends and I called her Cikgu Dayang Bunting because she was pregnant for most of the year and was then on maternity leave.
Darjah 3 Merah – Puan Sharifah Zainab (garang gila…pukul kepala orang with her high-heels)
Darjah 4 Merah – Tengku Sharifah Nor (probably the best primary school teacher I had)
Darjah 5 Merah – Mr Yap (funny but strict – cool guy)
Darjah 6 Merah – Mr Tan Kham Peng (did not teach us much because we had sat for our Assessment Exams the previous year)

Malay College Kuala Kangsar

Mr Amirthalingam
Ustaz Rahman
Ustaz Md Yusof Ismail (Allahyarham – my Ahmad House foster father – maybe I was setan, but I scored A1 in my Agama Islam subject for both SRP and SPM, tulis Jawi lagi, okay?)
Cikgu Mustapha (Arts)
Cikgu Mustafa Ishak
Mr Leong Chee Seng(Add Maths)
Mr Loh Teik Sze (Mod Maths)
Cikgu Sazali (Gary Gnu)
Cikgu Rahim Buszhak
Mr Pang
Mr Ooi (Biology)
Mr “ABU” Toh Ah Huat (Chemistry)
Alamak…I forgot the Physics teacher’s name
Mr Tony Ng (Mod Maths)
Mr Tan (Md Maths)
Mr Nadarajah
Mr Purushotnam Panicker (PE)
Cikgu Wahab Pirate (Allahyarham – he looked like Mat Sentul in the movie ‘Mat Lanun’ and had one eye sepet – very the lanun)

Royal Latin Grammmar School

Mrs Metcalf – somewhat racist: asked me where I learnt English. My reply was: “On the plane on the way here.”

Mr Creasy – strict guy, very devout Christian; used to say very English stuff like, “I would like to see your assignments handed in to me by four o’clock prompt.” And I would go, “Is that a C prompt he’s talking about?”

Mr Tad Newton – very cool and fun guy who taught us Geography, Geology and Meterology; great jazz player with his own jazz band that played at the Swindon and Marlborough Jazz Festivals. He and I would always bump into each other in the Ladies and I’d go, Oh, shit, Mr Newton. I’m sorry, I didn’t know you go to the Ladies too!”

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Gary Gnu…. we had a song for him.. it goes something like

nama saya Jejali
saya ajar boring
sapa nak tanya boleh tanya
sapa nak tido boleh tido


Sorry Gary… u were damn boring.. but Selamat Hari GUru to u

Gem..that’s true..mamat tu bukan peduli orang tidur ke tak…he said if I passed Add Maths, he’d salute me…so in 1985 I chased him around the staff room asking him to salute me.

darjah 2 pun dah panggil cikgu dayang bunting!!! haha… memang betul la end up macam apa yang ada skarang ni…..:P

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