Estima Or Alphard?

I am currently driving a Naza Ria 2.5 GS. Nice, powerful, and yes, I race in it too (my Saga is getting a bit old for racing…not worried about the engine….just worried about the whole chassis integrity at 170kmh).

The Naza Ria, is now getting a bit old. This July it will be 4 years since I bought it. Even the NazaKia outlet than sold it to me has been closed – a long time ago. It’s done 11x,xxx kms, all 4 bearings have been replaced. Engine mountings need to be replaced as well. So it is time for it to have a new owner.

My question now, which I may need your input, is: should I get the racy looking Toyota Estima 2.4:

Toyota Estima 2.4

Or, the transformer-like Toyota Alphard 2.4:

Toyota Alphard 2.4

The Alphard is a lot more spacious than the Estima is.

Like the Naza Ria, I’m going to buy this cash. No, I don’t go to Dubai via First Class. I just do not like to owe banks money, even if I do not have much.

Your feedbacks, please.