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Estima Or Alphard?

Posted on: May 9, 2008

I am currently driving a Naza Ria 2.5 GS. Nice, powerful, and yes, I race in it too (my Saga is getting a bit old for racing…not worried about the engine….just worried about the whole chassis integrity at 170kmh).

The Naza Ria, is now getting a bit old. This July it will be 4 years since I bought it. Even the NazaKia outlet than sold it to me has been closed – a long time ago. It’s done 11x,xxx kms, all 4 bearings have been replaced. Engine mountings need to be replaced as well. So it is time for it to have a new owner.

My question now, which I may need your input, is: should I get the racy looking Toyota Estima 2.4:

Toyota Estima 2.4

Or, the transformer-like Toyota Alphard 2.4:

Toyota Alphard 2.4

The Alphard is a lot more spacious than the Estima is.

Like the Naza Ria, I’m going to buy this cash. No, I don’t go to Dubai via First Class. I just do not like to owe banks money, even if I do not have much.

Your feedbacks, please.

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Estima for me. Sleeker and more aerodynamically designed…
Plus from Estima you always accentuate the ASS or the STIM and you and with AAAA while for Alphard, its sounds more like I’LLFART. Well, whatever rocks your boat.
Let me put it this way…… would you rather ride a killer whale or a beluga whale? Your call Mr Diver.
Off course the beluga whale has a bigger belly for binges…. but….

although i like alphard..but it hink estima suits you, sleeky, alpahrd abit squarish 😉 my humble opinion hehehe

Alphard la prooo…
then while driving.. left hand must have gelang silver size besar sekali and bawak sling beg “ala ala dlm ada pistol”…

Estima bro! its more fast n furious and can be upgraded quite ez. anyway, if u r thinking of a decent car with almost the same ‘space’ frontier like estima… wish bro!

Alphard (the 3.0 version) :p

Err..don`t have much…but still buy cash???.. no understand 😕

Btw… don`t like either… :p

Alphard … urgh…urgh

The Alphard.

Since you’re the ass man… Ass-Steam-Ahhhhh…. like what Gombak4Life sayz…But then again you fart all the time too…. Suka hati lah.. But the drivers at my office says Estima is a better drive than Alphard.

4 say Estima….4 say Alphard….1 abstained.

Gombak4Life…killer whales might bite your dick off….

Neomesuff…yes it looks squarish

Ironore…boleh simpan ROV sebijik kat belakang…letak atas vessel jadi control room

Countloon…I drove an Alphard to and from Sitiawan back in March. You can basically give me any car and I will still race in it.

SayLeng…hehehe…ideally. But the road tax and insurance of the 3 liter ones can kill me.

Cincin…it means, no paper statements from the finance company every month. That also means I will be saving a tree somewhere from being turned into a bank statement.

Liverpool Babe…I wonder why….hmmm

Wanshana…wah…simple…straight to the point

JZ…you must be spending too much time with me already to know my intimate details. You want an Estima? I was thinking of the Alphard since you always complain we can make out in the bedroom cos your son might wake up.

Estima – 158 hp
Alphard – 220 hp
If i were you, i’ll take the most economical one, which is Estima. Alphard is such an overkill to my pocket. Can make out in the bedroom? Estima’s back seat is spacious too. What u need is just some creativity. 😀

SD, yeah stop being so loud.

Kimi…I will always go for something spacious with good horsepower. I was thinking of the M2 Abrams. But it would be difficult to get the road tax for that one.

JZ…I’m not the one who moans and whimpers in bed :p

i hate toyota, just buy a nissan elgrand 🙂

get the estima with lah bro, i heard you can shift the back seat facing front or back. that can create space >:)

estima pleaseeee…. haha…. i also pay cash!! thts why i can only afford whtever i am driving now!! haha….

Alphard kuat makan minyak. Buy Estima lah.


Once u jadi PAT, u can get ur estima in no time…hehehe. Did i mentioned about D3 with 14-24mm too? hahaha

Najibest…Nissan pick-up I don’t think is good la…

Rumet…the Naza also can do…but as in the Estima, it would mean the person will have to hope that the driver’s backrest is straight la…

Mocha…ye ke? Hehehe

DNAS…nak kena convert to NGV la

Kimi…jahat….housing mahal siot!

apa-hat 3.0 pls… everything electronic.. teet..teet..teet.. and it won’s sepit your anak2, doors got sensor.. but i think estima also same. apa-hat look more macho la.. can make up for the owner’s macho-ness.. kakakakakakaka! but i’m sure u oso macho SD, kalau tak takkan JZ nak kan… heheh

Ayu….hehehehe…dia nak sebab I am not the 2-minute man…hehehe

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