Old Skool

I’m writing this as I watch the Formula One Belgian Grand Prix at the Spa-Francochamps track, and I can say one thing about the pitgirls here: straight from the pits of hell they must have come. Wifey is busy making cookies with her friend in the kitchen.

Cookies in the oven

I love my notebook now. It has just undergone a process the India Indian engineers at my former workplace call ‘Upgradation’ (kepala pungkoq mak pak hangpa – what the fork is ‘Upgradation’?) running on a 2GB RAM compared to the preinstalled 512MB RAM previously. Don’t laugh at me la, Countloon and Kimi. Cipet!

It has also been a good weekend. Wifey and I have had the kids (mine and hers) in one place, and we had good friends over for berbuka puasa last night, and today we had berbuka at my close friend’s place in turn.

Wifey the Chef

Wifey was back in her ‘Chef Mode’ preparing Rendang Hati and Paru, and Nasi Lemak, while friends brought a potpourri of bingeing stuff. We had Gombak4Life, Liverpool Babe, Oja and hubby, Neomesuff and hubby, Hana, Rainmaker, Syed Gemgem Odorono Corleone al-Lysha, Spena, and Brother Rina. We had Qiammullail at the house that ended with sahur at around 4am before everyone went home.


Today, we had berbuka at my old friend Nad’s house and we were joined by the Forlorn Soldier and his family. I last saw Nad on the first day of Hari Raya, the most painful one for me, at Forlorn Soldier’s house, just a couple of hours before I left KL to nurse my broken heart by going diving at the Perhentians. Nad and I go back a long way, even before he got his eldest, Karl Rafique. Incidentally, today is Karl’s 20th birthday, and that little baby I used to babysit has already played a few gigs at the No Black Tie.

My kids listening to the Forlorn Soldier's hogwash

Yes, I am that old. Thebo72 mentioned something about old terms such as Baju Disco, Kasut Disco, when people have replaced the term ‘Disco’ with ‘Club’ and to go to a disco is simply called going clubbing nowadays. Back in the mid-80s when I was a serving officer, going clubbing would mean going to a disco to literally club other people’s head and start a free-for-all just for fun. Now the term has taken a sissified meaning.

Nad and I used to hang out at places such as Club Oz, Tin Mine (later TM2), Faces, Phase Two, 11LA, 10 Kia Peng, and our last hangout was at the Brannigans. Mention those names to the youngsters nowadays and you’ll get strange looks; much like how I would look at people who mention names like BB Park, Bamboo Inn, Pertama Cabaret, Jubilee Park, so on and so forth. Well, Pertama Cabaret and Jubilee Park used to have striptease shows there right until 1976 or 1977 the most before such shows were banned, and men nowadays get a hardon if they see women wearing lipstick, or hear the clicking sounds made by a pair of high-heeled shoes. Somehow I think there are more perverts in this country than there were back in the 1970s. And more kids get fingers and whole limbs blown off by home-made firecrackers now compared to the 1970s when we played real fireworks and shoot bamboo cannons back at my late maternal grandparents’ home in Pahang.

In 1976, months after the passing of the 2nd Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, his son, Jay (now Datuk Nazir Razak, Group CEO of CIMB Berhad) and I used to go ice-skating at the Asiajaya complex. The following year, when Sungai Wang Plaza had its own ice-skating rink, I would go there almost every Saturday night because it would be turned into a huge disco, and we would all be dancing to the tunes from the movie ‘Saturday Night Fever.’ However, my first introduction to disco songs was back in 1975 when the song ‘The Hustle’ hit the charts. Then we had songs like Play That Funky Music, Fly Robin Fly, Ojah Awake, Boogie Nights and others. Of course, my favourite mushy song then was ‘You Light Up My Life’ by Debbie Boone. Of course you cannot beat the sounds by the Brothers Gibbs (Bee Gees) and their youngest, the late Andy Gibb, with his song, Shadow Dancing.

How I miss those good old days…literally good, compared to the days we have now. Life is much more complex nowadays, sometimes unnecessarily.

Gosh, it is 3am already…when is the wife going to be done?

Wifey's Cookie