A Rap On The Knuckle – A Time To Unbuckle

I never thought I’d touch on politics again.

Ahmad Ismail’s gotten off with a 3-year membership suspension. Mild by my standards. He ought to have been kicked out of the party for uttering nonsense in a speech during the Permatang Pauh by-election.

51 years after we got our independence from the British, we are still looking at ourselves based on the colour of our skin, and the religion we embrace. Seriously, I do not understand how this ‘KeTuanan Melayu’ thing came about. I never heard of it when I was schooling. Nor can I understand the need for vernacular schools in Malaysia after 51 years. I can also not understand why do national schools have ‘doa selamat’ programs or have banners outside the schools saying, “Ya Allah! Berikanlah kami hidayah agar dapat melangsungkan peperiksaan UPSR dengan jayanya!” when there is not one banner for the followers of other religions who go to the same school. Why do some Sarawakians still refer to those from the Peninsular as ‘orang Malaya’ and why is ‘Sabah for Sabahans’?

What is wrong with Malaysia after 51 years?

For the life of me, Ahmad Ismail should be slapped with at least the Sedition Act against him, if not the ISA itself. Maybe because he ‘has the support of 13 Penang UMNO divisions’ that the party’s President daren’t do anything more than just rapping the former’s knuckle. That kind of speech should not even be allowed to exist after 13th May 1969.

The Malays can only become ‘Tuan’ if they play on level playing fields and succeed. As a malay who took not a single sen of the government’s money to study, and gave 9 years of his life serving and defending the country, I have the right to say this. The malays have become lazy, ultra-dependant on government subsidies and other assistance, that when you take away this lollipop, they get angry and cry foul. Seriously, they should also think of the taxpayers who are not just malays, and deserve the same chance in getting scholarships, places in universities, and what-nots. After almost four decades of being spoonfed, the malays should learn to crawl and subsequently walk on their own two feet.

Vernacular schools should be abolished if you want a successful Bangsa Malaysia. Vernacular schools are no different to race-based political parties. I would rather have the major languages spoken in Malaysia to be taught as subjects in the national schools so everyone can speak the same language. Therefore we will no longer find jobs adverts in the papers saying things like “Must be able to speak Mandarin.” How many malays and Indians speak Mandarin? On top of that, the Agama subject should also include other religions, to be learnt by ALL races. We should remember that God created us all differently so we can learn from each other; not fight each other. We can do the two (language and religion) without having to demote Bahasa Malaysia and Islam as the country’s official language and religion.

I love the statements made by the Chief of Armed Forces and the Deputy Inspector-General of Police, telling the government to take action against those who incite racial hatred through political statements. Read between the lines, people. It is almost 1983 again.

It is sad to see that after 51 years, we still maintain the mentality of the British colonialists – divide and rule. Somehow we have forgotten the shield, the coat-of-arms that we normally see. The one with the two tigers and that ribbon below saying: BERSEKUTU BERTAMBAH MUTU – UNITY IS STRENGTH. If we still look at ourselves as Malays, Indians, Chinese, Muslims, Christians, Hindus…we are doomed to fail.

Don’t tell me you have not been warned.