Sabah: Stashed Water

I still remember reading the above article when I was doing a search on water woes almost four years ago.  53 years after the formation of Malaysia we still have places that have no regular treated water supply. Hence, I find it disgusting that RM114 million in cash was found stashed in a house in Sabah by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission recently which does not include the ones that are still stashed in five vaults that are yet to be opened.

According to this portal called Anti-Fitnah Sabah the latest bust by the MACC is related to the Sabah water project that commenced in 2010 costing the Federal Government RM3.3 billion under the purview of the Ministry of Rural and Regional Development (Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah or KKLW).

The project was executed and implemented by the KKLW with very minimal participation of the Sabah Water Department (Jabatan Air Sabah or JAS) whose role was to prepare through a limited tender process 10 local companies to carry out the project.

These companies are controlled by the Director and Deputy Director of the JAS. They are Ag Mohd Tahir bin Mohd Talib and Ir Teo Chee Kong respectively. Ag Mohd Tahir IS NOT the Treasurer for UMNO Bahagian Kimanis as claimed by a certain disgruntled menopausal whining auntie in Perak. That would be Datuk Rizal @ Raymond Godfrey Abdullah, whom I seriously hope would sue the auntie.

Although the Sabah State Government had requested for the funds that is channeled through the KKLW to be channeled through the State Treasury, the request was never approved.

Now how many water projects under the KKLW has there been? Although I’ve taken the liberty to post some screenshots of the projects here, thanks to a world wide web friend but you can also see the documents on a public domain.

Now, that is a lot of projects and they go back as far as 2011. Who was the Minister for KKLW then? Shafie Apdal. He was minister from 10th April 2009 until his removal in the 29th July 2015. Is he involved? I don’t know. Let us see the outcome of the MACC investigation but the Anti-Fitnah Sabah blog surely allows us an insight into the goings-on in Sabah.

RM114 million is a lot of money. You could finance at least 20 candidates in a general election.

This is going to be interesting indeed.

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