Time To Hit The Celebes Sea

Sipadan Water Village - ScubaAsia

I’m off to dive (finally, a recreational dive trip) at end of the month – 8 of us. I can hardly wait. I have not been to this particular island since the dive season began, and am looking forward to going back there.

I am also planning to do my 3D/2N free dive trip (sans billet d’avion, of course) to Sipadan Water Village the following weekend (hopefully). Go on a Friday evening and return on a Monday. Put up a night in Tawau on Friday, get to Semporna and Mabul on Saturday, do my 3 dives on Saturday and 2 on Sunday and chill. Then on Monday afternoon leave for Semporna/Tawau and catch a flight back. Return flight should cost me around RM400 and a night in Semporna for around RM100 plus breakfast. So, that’s a RM500 trip to Sipadan/Mabul/Kapalai when it should cost at least triple that for the same duration.

Not bad.

So, who’s gonna buddy me on this trip?