This The Language English

Hello every body. I get this from Adrian Hoe blog. He is a advertorial printing inside one paper name New Straight Time from the Universiti Tun Hussein Onn for convocation to Raja Zarith Sofiah award. You is all must read this coz this very powderful speaking England. Very the good in Malaysia. I is very much like the lingo-lingo they say here. You please click on picture to see you big more picture:

Advertorial by UTHM in the NST

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  1. first line pun dah salah!! son and dotter pun tak tau… and has born!! haha… ok ler… gonna read further… and haf a good laff!! haha…

  2. is this even true?

    my head’s spinning.. i need to get my eyes checked!

    the palace’s copywriter sure has a fine sense of humour, that much i can say..

  3. Neomesuff…hehehe..I know…this beats the hell out of that posting.


    Gemgem…no it is not a joke. You can find the apology by NST at

    Mocha…you do that.

    Suretrueornot…yes it was published in the NST on 23rd August 2008. On 26th August, NST issued a public apology to YAM Raja Zarith as per the link above, and a comment was made to the editor at the following

    It is indeed a good question on whether the Education Ministry should heed the call by some language-nationalists to do away with teaching Science and Maths in English because the pupils find it hard.

    How are we, Malaysians, going to compete in the global economy when we cannot even have basic, let alone good, command of English?

  4. BTW…the advertorial was prepared by the university and NST was paid to publish it.

    Imagine if this is the standard of English of the staff of a university with some standing, one wonders what kind of English is being taught in our schools nowadays.

  5. Don’t send your kids to Universiti Tun Hussein Onn! Don’t know how to speak England…

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