Nasi Goreng Kornet (Kata Orang Indon)

Corned Beef Fried Rice
Corned Beef Fried Rice during Sushi Nite

I cried this morning. A revelation came to me after 12 years. After 12 years, my psychiatrist said to me something that brought tears to my eyes, “Wo buhui jiang English (I don’t speak English).”

Mr Gombak4Life has also announced his ticket to freedom; soon he will leave the northern state and start working somewhere in the south. With luck, I shall be working somewhere in the south too, soon. Hopefully.

Idlan has requested for the Corned Beef Fried Rice recipe from Yummy Baby, who in turn has asked me to respond. So here is my response, but mind you this is my masakan orang bujang:

Garlic – 2 ulas, suka hati you nak crush or slice.
Shallots – suka hati (takut ada yang tak suka busuk ketiak) – sliced, diced, suka hati. Bujang main potong aje.
Cooking oil – sikit aje..just to tumiskan the above – and DON’T USE OLIVE OIL. It spoils the taste. There’s a private joke about that too.
Steamed white rice – cold leftovers, please. I’m sure you must have learnt this during SRT classes. And make sure it’s enough for all you wanna feed (otherwise masak diam-diam and makan sorang-sorang aje)
Corned Beef – be extra careful when you open the can. It once sliced my finger and it took 4 days before the bleeding stopped.
Ketjap Pekat Manis – kata orang Indon.

Heat up the oil in a frying pan. Sudah panas kalu, tumiskan the bawang and bawang putih until the aroma ada naik kalu. Then, put in corned beef secukup rasa dan kuantiti. Goreng until senang lerai. Then put in the rice and mix them well. Letak la kicap pekat manis secukup rasa BUT NOT TOO MUCH. Corned beef dah masin and berminyak. Agak-agak cun, tutup api and angkat la the fried rice and wallop.

Oh, the red chilli? Decor aje. Nak cantik lagi letak lampu lip-lap.

Next I wanna try do for any dinner nite would be the Hummuz dip.