New Song, Old Mentality

UMNO revealed a new anthem yesterday during the celebration of its 62nd anniversary. In his speech, Pak Lah as party president asked every member to fight for the cause of not only the malays, but of the other races as well.

Timely? I don’t think. But it is better late than never. This statement is applicable to all political parties and politicians.

Politicians represent their respective political party when they are with the party. They put forward the party’s ideology, and in the manner of direct selling, the one who sells better, gets more customers. Political parties, like multi-level marketing or direct-selling companies, have to sell their product (ideas). The only difference is the winning political party gets to form a government, be it at state or the federal level. Once they form a government, then they no longer represent a party, but they become the servants of, not just those who elected them, but also those who live within the jurisdiction of their executive powers. I purposely added the word ‘executive’ there to remind all that that is all the power does. To execute the mandate and trust of the people; not to become powerful.

Pak Lah talks about the relevance of UMNO to the malays; to me Pak Lah is still in a state of denial, that is my humble opinion. Many of the malays who form a bulk of UMNO members, and those who voted for UMNO, voted against UMNO during the last general elections. Sincerely, Pak Lah has to step down. There should not be any talk of power transfer to a deputy. Let the party members decide that. Pak Lah should remember that the central working committee and the members of the working committee, are all administering the party on behalf of the members: the party is not some monarchical institution where democracy does not exist – and denigrating those who do not conform to the “norm” or “mainstream” should not be allowed in the party. It is better, as I have been saying since 2004, for me and other non-conformists to dissent within the party, than to do so without. But dissenting does not mean one is against the party; it only means that as a member of the party, I exercise my democratic right to speak out – and that my views should be looked at seriously, not in the negative manner, not to be scoffed, but to be taken in point to be included in the whole general discussion.

Today, YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng, the Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang, has announced that a senior Penang UMNO member, have agreed to hold an office as appointed by the State Government. Seriously, like in the case of former VP of Gerakan, Datuk Lee Kah Choon, this should not be looked at negatively. One of the reason people vote is for the betterment of things – improving of things, a better way of life. I fail to understand why did the leadership of the BN, Gerakan in particular, had to view this appointment so negatively. When the BN had the chance to play a role, to be represented in a state it lost badly, it chose to remain incalcitrant and become a sore loser, by asking Kah Choon to toe the line or face party punishment. Kah Choon probably thought of the best for the people of Penang and carried on with accepting the appointment, and had to resign from Gerakan in order to be able to work.

Let me just ask a question: what about those thousands of BN supporters, office holders, who now work in the various state governments’ agencies, especially in those 5 states now controlled by PR? Do they have to give up their job? Or should they, too, resign from the party?

Wake up! If we want to serve the people, it doesn’t matter where or on which platform, as long as there is a legitimate platform where we can channel aid and development to the people at large. Working with a PR-held government does not mean that you are a traitor to the party. You are only a traitor if you leave your party and join the opposition, or if you work with the opposition against your party. We must always recognise that the states’ government of Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor, are all chosen by the people. Now that they are there, they no longer represent the party, as the people have chosen them to work for the people. The government is by the people, for the people – if you have forgotten historical quotes that is.

Pak Lah should really go. Now…not later. Let members of the party decide the path the party should take, and whether rehabilitation of the party is to take place, it should be decided by its members. How can there be talk of succession when party elections is around the corner? It can only mean that people, the party presidents and the sycophants have refused to acknowledge reality, and is still of want of power to cling on to. Why?

I cringed when I cast my votes on March 8th; luckily for me, my candidates of choice are all from MCA, knowing that if the BN won then, certain buffoons and their cohorts would be gloating and bragging even more.

In a way, I am glad BN got the punishing, and those chosen to administer UMNO (they are not leaders – they are just administrators as given in a proviso of the UMNO constitution) on behalf of its members have only themselves to be blamed – not the party members.

MPs, ADUNs – you are our servants. You jump when we tell you to.

Don’t you ever forget that!