Kawashock Dan Yang Sewaktu Dengannya

Indiscriminate parking

You drive into the basement parking lot, searching for that one spot where you could nicely park, leave your car and do your thing. Then you find it. You turn on your indicator signalling that you will be entering that spot, add a bit of pressure onto the accelerator pedal, make that turn when CIPET! You see a motorbike parked there.

I call that a KAWASHOCK. The shock of seeing a motorcycle in an empty parking lot. That term came about when I saw a Kawasaki motorcycle parked in a spot I wanted to enter when I was having trouble with anal retention and I would have poo-pooed inside my car faster than chickens could fuck.

Then, once in a while you find some s-hole driver who would park indiscriminately, either double parking and blocking someone else’s car, or yours, and never leave a number for you to call so he/she could remove the car. More often than not, you’d be sitting having lunch or coffee when a car driver would be blasting his horn away for the attention of the inconsiderate driver that has blocked his car. The best part is, some makcik or Ah So will walk like a duck blabbing away obscenities at the person honking asking him to be more patient in waiting for her to remove her car.

Or, as in the picture above that I took last night, a driver would just park indiscriminately, taking two parking spaces at once. It gets on your nerves if this was to happen to you in a busy shopping mall’s parking area. It makes you wonder if these people actually underwent a driving course, if at all.

Stupid Mother Parkers!