Sorry, But Women Are Second-Class Human Beings (In Kelantan)

It is official. The Kelantanese State Government has the same IQ and brain-processing power as that of that young lady who made a stupid statement about school uniforms inviting rape and unwanted children.

Several years ago, good-looking women in Kelantan were forbidden from working to avoid being raped or other wrong-doings. Since looks are subjective, the benchmark set (according to my ANALysis) is those who are prettier than Nik Aziz cannot be employed anywhere in Kelantan.

Today, the Kelantanese State Government has announced that women can no longer wear lipsticks or heeled-shoes to avoid being rape or sexual wrongdoings. Yup, it was on TV just now. Funny thing is, I never saw a baby wearing lipstick or heeled-shoes, or a 70-year old woman in sexy dress…but they got raped somehow. How do you explain that? God’s wrath?

This coming from a state that has produced obnoxious and sick people who screw their ex-wives, goats, cows (probably because their ex-wives look similar) and can complain about not being acknowledge when the reply came was, “I’ve been here before” after being invited to sit together by the host, or co-hosts. Women cannot put on make-up, colour the hair, must wear tudung, but must screw with their boyfriend because screwing the boyfriend is not as big a sin as not wearing the tudung, as prescribed by the Old Testament.

I’m sorry, but the wearing of the tudung is not in the al-Quran because there is no mention about the women’s hair as being part of the aurat, so if you insist, I can tell you that it came from the New Testicles. In the Bible it does say that it is obligatory for women to cover their head.

Bastard ragheads bringing shame to Islam.

June 8th And The After-Effects

I often wonder why is it a lot easier for me to get into KL dring peak hours nowadays since the fuel price hike. Apparently, DBKL has reported a 2% drop in the number of cars entering KL since the fuel price hike, when in May, it averaged at 561,000 cars. Public transportation companies on the other hand have reported an increase in passenger volume.

Jalan Imbi stretch - The Star
Jalan Imbi stretch during rush hour last week – The Star

The photo above was taken by The Star Thursday last week at 5.30pm after a heavy downpour. That stretch, to me, is the deadliest, and one of the reasons I do not like driving into KL especially after a downpour – yet, traffic was smooth there. The dreadful crawl before PWTC coming from Pak Leman too is a lot shorter, and gone before 8pm, whereas before June 8th, my blood pressure would have a bigger jump than the fuel price hike.

So…the recent fuel hike IS good for my blood pressure.

Unfortunately it isn’t.

Generally, people drive slower. Personally, I think that is fine until someone decides that the fast lane on the highway is for driving at 110km/h. No, it isn’t for driving at 110km/h. It is for overtaking. And once you have overtaken the car in front of you, move back to the center lane and make way for faster cars. Last night, there was this eagle-eyed Beemer (Beemer lagi!) in the fast lane doing 85km/h. And I got exasperated because he was going as fast as the lori babi in the center lane. What made it worse was the car behind me was flashing his beam, and I retaliated by flashing my middle finger. He pulled up alongside me and flashed his middle-finger. It was a guy wearing kopiah who must have overdosed on his Harakah and pissed off because Mas Idayu and Ella got to perform at the Malawati Stadium. He then went back behind me and tailgated. So I had no choice but to pull my handbrake. The car behind him almost hit him – but after that he kept his distance…like way back.

At a toll plaza, this guy drove ever so slowly and, without turning on his indicator light, started veering from the left-most lane, into the right-most where the Smart Tag lane is. At the last moment, he veered back left into a ticket lane. How annoying.

Then somewhere near Ampang yesterday, I heard a loud noise. it sounded very much like a fogging machine. It was a Proton Saga with an exhaust that has a hole the size where an elephant bull’s private member might fit in snugly. He overtook me and entered my lane ahead of me, then slowed down to 30km/h – on a dual carriageway. And he had the most annoying array of little Manchester United jerseys hanging on the rear screen. Then I overtook the car to have a look at the driver. He was wearing a Manchester United jersey. He must have been on his way to a certain Craven Cafe thinking EPL is on and not Euro 2008. He’s probably from a certain boarding school in Melaka or something because only people from there are capable of having that kind of limited IQ…going to KFC and orders a Big Mac.

Anyway, I have identified several routes to get to Yummy Baby‘s place. The farthest is 35km (toll: RM4.50 return), second is 33km (toll is RM6.70 ONE WAY), and third is 32km (toll is RM7.40 ONE WAY). At 2km/Ringgit, I’d go for the distance, unless KLites start to drive again and jam up all the roads like pre-8th June.

Dang! RM50 isn’t worth anything anymore nowadays.

Monday 23rd June

it’s been a year since I last spoke to my parents and siblings on a happy note, as well as face to face.

I am my family now. I, alone.

The Fog

How many of you actually believe in the supernatural? How many of you have actually seen ghosts?

I was about 5 when I saw a ghost in the form of a scary looking old woman when we were staying in this old government quarters in Melaka. My father used to lock me inside this storeroom. It was pitch black because it didn’t have any window. And this old woman would appear behind me.

I learnt much later that almost all, including my father, had encountered this apparition.

The quarters we lived in when my father was the Inspector-General of Police was equally haunted. We’d hear of rapping within the walls, my bed was tossed about ala The Exorcist, and something would fly part the window.

Have you had your own encounters? Tell us about it.