Salamat Sa Iyong Supporta

Thank you to those who were there last night lending their support: Spena, King Cobra, Liverpool Babe, Gombak4Life, Aiz, Pak Sudin, Neomesuff, Wan, Rainmaker, Abang Rina, Gemgem Odorono.

And since KY is petroleum-based, will its price go up?

Or maybe I should switch to using butter. As Countloon put it in a YM message:

COUNTLOON: that’s why guna butter
COUNTLOON: hahahahahhaa
COUNTLOON: licin bak KY, sedap pak pasta
SeaDemon: hhhhahahaha
COUNTLOON: butter + masin sikit = yogurty taste
COUNTLOON: siap ada some cream lagi
COUNTLOON: habis tutuh bawah…. beransur ke mulut pulak
COUNTLOON: memang sedap dijilat sehingga kering

Yup, butter would be cheaper. As long as I don’t screw both my girlfriend and my ex-wife, and then send my girlfriend for a paid holiday and take my ex-wife and children for holidays and still screw my ex.

How sick can that be?