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Salamat Sa Iyong Supporta

Posted on: June 7, 2008

Thank you to those who were there last night lending their support: Spena, King Cobra, Liverpool Babe, Gombak4Life, Aiz, Pak Sudin, Neomesuff, Wan, Rainmaker, Abang Rina, Gemgem Odorono.

And since KY is petroleum-based, will its price go up?

Or maybe I should switch to using butter. As Countloon put it in a YM message:

COUNTLOON: that’s why guna butter
COUNTLOON: hahahahahhaa
COUNTLOON: licin bak KY, sedap pak pasta
SeaDemon: hhhhahahaha
COUNTLOON: butter + masin sikit = yogurty taste
COUNTLOON: siap ada some cream lagi
COUNTLOON: habis tutuh bawah…. beransur ke mulut pulak
COUNTLOON: memang sedap dijilat sehingga kering

Yup, butter would be cheaper. As long as I don’t screw both my girlfriend and my ex-wife, and then send my girlfriend for a paid holiday and take my ex-wife and children for holidays and still screw my ex.

How sick can that be?

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jgn lupa bawa butter. if ekonomi merosot, can guna majerin too

” every rose has it horn, just like every night has it dawnnn” eh nyanyi laks hehee…not sober enuff since the oil price hike

Sapa si Odorono ni arr?

Gem Corleone

Garlic butter

so? how?

try honey…err with lemon

gem corleone? real classy bro…

Countloon…margerine okay la…jangan peanut butter…kesat sangat….and sure semut datang!

Neomesuff…ini sahih JD lagi…

Gem…hahahah…itu mafia…

Sayang…we get that at Cold Storage tomorrow, ok?

KMR…honey? Semut tak hurung ka?

Fuh, mmg player sungguh bila sanggup screw dedua orang itu. Ape jenis ini olang? Mana makcik tudung labuh tadi?

Kimi…ini kalau kat kampung kita digelar puta. Makcik tudung labuh sedang balik menjolok puki dengan pisang tanduk.

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