As I Turn 42…Part 2

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I cannot believe how pathetic drivers can be on the Malaysian roads. I had 2 cars in front of me last night with a ‘P’ for ‘Prick’ stickers stuck on their screens. One swerved from the left-most lane, cutting across the ‘Touch n Go’ and ‘SmartTag’ lanes just to get to the reload lane without turning on his indicator, then cut the queue right in front me. I was like, “WTF!” But I decided to keep my cool. It was the eve of my 42nd birthday and I was determined to stay happy and take Yummy Baby shopping. After queueing that long, his turn came. He got his wallet out, touched it against the scanner and, VOILA!…he had RM82++ credit in his stupid card! What an idiot! All the Touch n Go lanes were empty and he had to beat the queue, being a prick with a ‘P’ sticker by cutting across lanes, just to get through the toll gate?

Since I was already late, I hammered down at 170km/h down the NKVE, only to be slowed down by, yet another prick with a ‘P’ sticker, who decided to overtake the small lorry in front of him at 60km/h. Not that the lorry was doing 60km/h, but this prick was. Didn’t their stupid instructors teach them that if they turn into another person’s lane, they should be at, or attempt to be at, or faster than the speed of the person behind them who was already in the lane? What do idiot driving instructors teach here? Or is this another case of Black Coffee License? And this prick maintained that speed whilst the lorry also maintained 60km/h. Finally, it dawned upon him that his banged up Kancil could not sustain such high speeds, decided to put his foot on the brake pedal, causing me to do the same in turn, and the car behind me honked at me. After the idiot went back into the center lane and decided to turn on his indicator AFTER he had turn into that lane, I hammered down the highway at 170km/h again, then 160km/h down the SPRINT, past Semantan at 110km/h, and 140km/h down Lebuhraya Mahameru past PWTC.

Anyway, Yummy Baby made some corned beef filling for DYO sandwiches, while I made some corned beef fried rice, especially for Spena who’s never tasted my fried rice. I make meaner fried rice than Nik Nozrul Thani, okay, Sayang? It was supposed to be a supper somewhere outside as requested by Spena, but somehow, it turned into a small gathering with good friends like Rainmaker, Liverpool Babe, Spena and Rina Madonna Ciccone. Fellow Sicilian mafia like Gemgem Odorono Corleone was a no-show, while Gomba was busy keeping his Lu See Balls entertained somewhere in the north.

Komar and I
Rainmaker and I contemplating on what to eat next

Anyway, I woke up this morning because I was dreaming about the current political situation; and it made me rush to the toilet, not to puke, but to do big business. My shit reminds me of my feelings about politicians in this country, be they from the BN or from the PR. After 100 days, none of them are doing any work. So here is how I feel about them and their supporters who support them blindly:

For the politicians in Malaysia