Margarita Women

Last night’s berbuka puasa was an eye-opener.

In fact, JB has been an eye-opener for me. I have been watching lots of characters here, and see some similarities with situations back in KL. Another eye-opener was in one of today’s daily about a child’s mishap, and a picture of the child and mother was depicted in the column.

One glance got me thinking, “How come this old mother has a young child?” A read later showed that she’s only 20 and a face of someone in the late 40’s. I can only think of one thing on the spur of a moment and that was: her husband had already achieved orgasm while she was just about to reach it when the husband rolls of her and said, “You buat sendiri lah!”

Hence that face.

I don’t understand how faces and characters can change after marriage. I have a lifetime friend who has more platinum on his hair than Michael Jackson’s discography. And all because of the way his wife treats him. He is only in that marriage still because of his children.

We had an impromptu gathering the other day with a friend we’ve not met since he got married to this horrendous looking woman because he was desperate to get married as age was catching up, and his wife was desperate to get someone ‘intelligent’. And that night, he was no longer his jovial self. He used to joke a lot with us but he doesn’t even smile anymore. Hardly. And his wife was the hijacker of conversations that night, wanting to intrude in every single thing we talked about, and would change topics as and when she pleases.

And another friend had just this comment to make about her after they had left. “What is wrong with his wife? She really has an attitude. And she looks like one of those orang asli women from kaum Margarita.”

I turned and looked at him. “You’re lucky you weren’t the intelligent one when she met him, otherwise she would have married you. And it’s Negrito! Margarita is a drink!”

He laughed. “Yeah, she would be uglier if she had had a glass of Margarita.”

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  1. I also happen to meet another margarite woman. THAT margarita woman really had an attitude! Sungguh kurang sopan! Maybe she thinks she is all that having the title and by having that she thinks she stands out from the rest of the group that she associated with. Yucks!

  2. Sayang…Senoi people like the Semai and Temiar are better looking. The Semai women in the Camerons area have rosy cheeks.

    Liverpool Babe…ada jugak Margarita woman ke?

    Spena…no lah…not my friend but his wife…wife ke apa tu?

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