Good Morning

Tomorrow I’ll be heading for the island. In my group will be Gemgem, Betch President, Gombak4Life, Yummy Baby, Abang Rina, Liverpool Babe, and Herbivore Girl; while convoying with us will be Deepblu, Shafi, Rocket and a few others I have not identfied. In all, the group that will be in the convoy may exceed 15 people. Good news from Boatman is that they are ready to receive us, and there will be a seafood BBQ dinner on the final night. Liverpool Babe and Gombak4Life will be going underwater for the first time, and I hope to follow them. I can hardly wait to get back underwater, back to my lair, my realm.

And why is this a good morning? Because I woke up to a smiling face that greeted me,

“Good morning, Baby.”

It definitely is. How can it be otherwise?