As I Watch The Colours Of The Evening Sky

I wrote this on my Facebook note yesterday evening. I was feeling depressed over certain issues – family, work…everything plus the kitchen sink and the onions too.

I sometimes wonder about the choices we’ve made
and also of the choices we could not evade
Suddenly the picture slides of my life pass by
as I watch the colours of the evening sky

I always wonder to myself why, oh why
there are failures no matter how hard I try
Streaks of crimson, orange, blue and white
cannot appease my fears and fright

The evening sky welcomes the night
tomorrow I continue the struggle and fight
to make this life take off and fly
and to live in happiness ’til the day I die

A tear rolls down my cheek as I begin to cry
as I watch the colours of the evening sky

John F SeaDemon
USJ16 – 17th July 2008, 1853H

Sunset at ABC, Tioman, April 2006