A Ramadhan Test Of Faith: 3rd Year – Part 1

A Ramadhan must…as usual, to test the faith of those fasting….

Mee Rebus
Mee Rebus

Cucur Ikan Bilis
Cucur Ikan Bilis Garing Punyeeeee…

Bariyani Kambing with condiments
Bariyani Kambing with fried lady’s fingers and peria goreng and honey chicken

Nasi Ambeng
Nasi Ambeng

Chilli Crab with Sweet Buns
Chilli Crab with Sweet Buns

9 Replies to “A Ramadhan Test Of Faith: 3rd Year – Part 1”

  1. reckon if you eat all this lot you would need to fast for another year or spend a long time on toilet cleaning duties – hoho mon brave enjoy enjoy your berbuka puasa tonight

  2. oh…mengancam!!!….bro,can tell me where u get all those food?..where??..where????…i dok dekat jer ngan larkin perdana tuh..nak pi serang lah cucur garing + mee rebus tu…oh kenot tahannn..teringinnn nak makann..


  3. Accordburuk…only in JB, bro. In KL food all look different..taste is always the same.

    JZ Sayang…we broke the rule again this time…and I whacked lamb too!!! 😀

    Gemgem…tomorrow’s morning edition. Don’t speak too soon!

    Forlorn Soldier…hahahaha…I have lots of toilet-bowl cleaning paraphernalia.

    Eddy…balik sini la balun sama-sama…boleh tengok how horrific Block B STF punya rupa.

    Norasakura…the Mee Rebus can be found at the food court at Kotaraya…it tastes like Haji Wahid’s and definitely no queue like at Angsana. The Cucur Ikan Bilis can be found at a joint called Sireh Coffee Cafe located at Danga Walk, but honestly, the jemput-jemput at MAWAR tastes better. The Bariyani Kambing is at Restoran Osman in LARKIN PERDANA, near where you are. The Nasi Ambeng is at MAWAR. The Chilli Crab with Sweet Buns can be found at Tip Top on Jalan Sg Chat. Have fun. I hope they are open.

    Spena…yaaaa…baru nak mula.

  4. i don want to go to stf, i don want to go to stf, i don want to go to stf, i don want to go to stf….trauma…. :p

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