The Berbuka Puasa I Had Been Waiting For

Last night we went for our first Terawih together. Before that we were out shopping at The Store and Jusco near Plentong, before settling for some Marrybrown fried chicken for dinner. After Terawih, we went to Stulang Laut for sahur where she had Nasi Goreng Cendawan while I had Sup Ekor.

Sup Ekor at Sayam Stulang Laut

This afternoon, we went shopping at Kamdar, Kotaraya, before shooting off in the heavy rain to Parit Raja to look for some bamboo floor mat. Then I decided to drive to Batu Pahat to see if any of the Bariyani joints are open. Sad to say, from Bariyani Power to Bariyani Mat Shah to Bariyani Gam Taman Bukit Pasir, all were closed. So we drove through Parit Yaani, Parit Yob, Sri Bengkal to get back to the Ayer Hitam exit for the highway. Johoreans sure take their holidays seriously. We couldn’t find a single joint open…well, hardly any. Even the Bak Kut Teh ones that we passed were closed. And the worse part is, tomorrow is another public holiday here in Johor.

In the end we settled for Restoran Osman, a 24-hour mamak joint in Larkin Perdana where we arrived some 15 minutes before berbuka.

And when the time to break fast came, I did what I had wanted to do more than 17 years ago: to feed the first mouthful to my wife. And I did just that.

Feeding my wife

And when she reciprocated, tears welled in my eyes. She looked at me and silently uttered, “I love you.”

My life is complete now.

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  1. Eddy…thank you.

    Jade…I still get watery-eyed thinking about it. She has that effect on me.

    Magiclamp…thank you.

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