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Bitten By The Bug

Posted on: June 3, 2008

Gemgem sent a text to Yummy Baby saying he misses the island. Yummy Baby has been missing the island since coming back. Soon she will join Abang Rina, Liverpool Babe and Gombak4Life doing their open water diver course.

Now they know why am I always cranky if I do not get to dive more than 2 weeks.

Gem and Cotton Islands

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Yes yes… i oredi miss the islands..
Please organise another trip.. soon!

Maybe Tioman?

My right is still popping… went to the ENT and via his probethingy, on the screen both my gegendang telinga were red, but according to the Dr, it is normal, and will subside in a few days so…. ok kot.

Anyway, eventhough you guys miss the island, at least you’re all at ‘home’.
Me on the other hand, I’m nearest to an island compared to all of you, but as the saying goes, no man is an island, so here I am stuck, and compared to the stuff on the islands, all I can do is shit…….

i vote for perhentian lagi sekali

I vote for anywhere but KL. ANYWHERE, and I mean it.

Very cranky la today.

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