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The Day Nisaa Got Rich

Posted on: June 11, 2008

Just before I left the house, I left some money on the dining table and Nisaa found the money:

I'm rich!
Yeehaa! I’m rich!

Let's count
Okay, let’s see how much I have here

Can buy a car
Yahoo! I can buy a car with this!

Let's go
Ayah, can we go to the toy store now?

Photo please
Oh, can I have a photo taken of us like the ones of you and your friend?

Father and daughter
Father and daughter

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Your daughter is very pretty with lovely eyes. Natural curls? I am blessed with only one child – a son. Lucky you…

Miss Leo…thank you for the compliments. Yes those are natural curls with long eyelashes to complement those curls. I used to have curly hair too when I was a lot younger but nature decided to do away with that.

A son? You are blessed. My cousin has been married for almost 20 years now and still without any.


Aaaawwwhhhh…She’s so gorgeous! I just love those curls!!!

I remember my hubby telling me that he remembered you with more hair back then during schooldays. I take it that Nisaa takes after you? Hehehe!

Aiz…hahahaha…cute kan?

Shana…yes, I had a lot of hair back then. Siap ada remos lagi. When I came back from England I started shedding hair. I guess Nisaa takes after me…minus the balding bit I hope.

I hope she’s not as shy as the time I met her at Mickey D’s next time around 🙂

Hopefully Baby

She can sure buy a car… but can she buy the petrol? 😉

how come your daughter so cute? lots of hair….love those curls….better than Juan’s curls.

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