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Lonely Dinner

Posted on: June 19, 2008

There we were having dinner at Le Meridien. She looked superb as always, with her usual sweet smile she throws at me. I was in my scuba t-shirt and Garson track bottom and slippers.

The waiter came to serve our order of Giant’s instant noodles. I know it looks cheap for such a place but I attribute that to my craving. As we were about to start eating, my daughter Nisaa appeared next to me.

“Ayah, nak tissue,” she began. I was like, when on earth did I bring Nisaa along on this el-cheapo romantic dinner?

“Ayah, nak tissue.”

I thought this can’t be real. Her voice was louder than everyone else’s in the restaurant put together. I closed my eyes, then re-opened. It was almost pitch dark. There she was, eyes closed saying, “Ayah, nak susu.”

I reluctantly got up, half-wishing I could still go back to that dream, back to Yummy Baby whom I miss but alas, I have to return to reality.

Back to the perils of single-parenthood.

(This post was made using my new Nokia N95 phone and posted from Ah Pek Kopitiam using its wifi connection)

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Show offffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!

hehehehe…eleh..nak ckp beli HP baru la tu eh?..hehheheh :-p

menyampah! eksyen lah tu..dgn fon baru. bukannya nak update blog sebenarnya…

Hahahaha…saja nak buat macam kawan baik JZ and Spena yang announce kat FB berapa banyak kereta yang husband dia beli tapi tak habis bayar finance lagi.

Komen ini dibuat menggunakan Nokia N95 melalui wifi Apple Network.

That’s a kewl machine.

Congrats on your new phone.

Eh, sejak bila pak Demon keluar dari stable pegguna Nokia yang basic? N95 itu dah level2 CEO MNC, Ah Beng dan sewaktu dengannya.

Kimi…cipet…hahahha…sejak wa kutuk CEO Malaysia Inkeparated

Gemgem…thank you…now, I heard that you have interesting videos on your phones that you can share with me…hmmm

SD, you should learn from Gemmy how to make videos. Nak pakai camera N95 pun tak tau… 😛

Can you perform, Baby?

I need a stage name, before any performance… 😛

SD – I can help to shoot the videos. When are you guys free? Muahahaha

Mungkin takde beemer, N95 pon jadilahhhh…haha

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