Terminating Bollywood

“Dey Rascal! I’ll be back!”

That’s what we would most likely hear coming out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mouth when and if he stars in a Holly-Bollywood collaboration.

I heard on the radio yesterday morning that Hollywood is now seeking more movie collaboration with its Indian counterparts, the Molly and Bollywoods. Another star that was reported to have the same idea is Will Smith. Maybe, the next title of his movie would be called “I am Lingam,” a movie about zombies that go around killing human beings by making a simple sounds like, “Korek! Korek! Korek!”

Will accent be a problem for Arnold?

“No problemo, Inspector Sahab!”

With his funny accent, I’m sure he’s going to be a hit. So let us look forward to a movie filled with funny English accent from Arnold and his Indian counterparts.

“Hasta la vista, Babuji!”