I Am Bored…I Don’t Need Anymore Dramas In My Life Like ARSEnic, ASS-ASS-IN, Snake And Hamidah, Rosmah The Demolition Woman, Pak Lah The Mugabe


Fretty Frincess two years ago, sketching by the beach…

Fretty Frincess now

Fretty Frincess now…

Line-up, girls and get your number.

Okay…I feel bored today. My dive buddies: Ironore is already offshore, and Spazm will soon join him. Once they are offshore, there is hardly any time for them to go diving recreationally. Deepblu will be leaving to migrate too. Mocha…will be leaving the Armed Forces and is contemplating on migrating too.

Then there is me. Migrating too.

Maybe we should all sing a song…I have not done Air Supply…so let us sing to the tune of “I’m All Out Of Love”:

I’m not lying alone
with your head on my bone
squashing it down till it hurts

I know you’re hurt too
but what else can it do?
tormented and can’t get hard

I wish I could carry
you when it is hard
for times when you give me a blow

It would make me believe
what Viagra could bring
when today it rises so low
really low

I’m all out of steam
I think I’ve just lost you
I know you were tight
Been virgin for so long
I’m all out of steam
what am I without you
You need to give head
so it can be so strong