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A Taste Of Tioman

Posted on: July 3, 2008

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I put up this video two years ago. It was made using my old Nikon Coolpix 4200 4.2PM digital camera. For those who have not taken up scuba diving, enjoy:

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Honey, I can’t take up scuba diving. I will be thinking this while I dive: “How would this taste if cooked in a pot of asam pedas?”

saya sangat suka! bila lah agaknya, saya akan make the move and take the plunge. literally.

Neomesuff…I suka buat UW videos…especially in the form of music videos. Recommend la I kat FDAM.

Jade…join JZ buat open water. Jom la. Dia tak ada gang nak buat.

Sayang…you have to dive. When you think about how certain fish tastes like in asam pedas, you can conjure up a new recipe for it.

sungguh cantik lah….

Kmr…let’s go diving

SD, I wanna try that trick you did underwater, behind some corals, while squatting, just to see how many fish come up behind me… that one got video ah?

Gomba…a bit difficult to perform such maneuver and video the whole thing as one hand is on the regulator while the other is holding the bcd in one place.

But I’ll be glad to video you in that action and will gladly host the clip on my You Tube account.

Kmr, you and I will make good dive buddies because we both have EXCELLENT snorkeling experience… hehehehe

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