MIDE 2008

MIDE 2007

It’s that time of the year again.

The Malaysia International Dive Exhibition 2008 commences today and will run until 6pm Sunday 6th July 2008. Yes, I’m at home right now, blogging, but shall be there later this afternoon at the MUW booth with the rest of the guys, as I will have to attend the Malaysia Sports Diving Association AGM at 6pm.

Tomorrow morning I will have to take Farhan to his kindergarten’s mini olympiad at the Bukit Jalil Stadium until noon, then make my way to MIDE, and for the reception hosted by the Sabah Tourism Board at 6pm.

However, have a look at the MIDE 08 website. The English used in it is horrible. I think the person who proof-read the website was trying to prove something.