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Just For Eddy The Cute

Posted on: July 4, 2008

Spazm n Demon
At the place MPC thinks is a great place to gangbang Yummy Baby while watching football with his friends

Spazm n Demon
At Pulau Bidong

Spazm n Demon
One week before I got dumped by someone in a horrible manner

Sleeping at Pulau Bidong

So there you go…Spazm. Mati la aku Shafi cari lepas ni…

Anyway, I received a FB message from a fellow diver today:

“Hello SD. Thanks for adding me as ur fren. Its a great honour to me. Again from the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

Wah…like pilem setar gitew nyah…aku ni diver biasa je…

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being in love does not make me blind. this mamat is cute. and my heart just go pitty pat over a cute guy with glasses… SD, if i take up diving, can he be my diving partner? hahahaha…

Jade…can. Just don’t say I said so should a member of the same gender as you suddenly appear and ask. 😀

you’re a star! ah, baie dankie SD. hahahahhaha…what can i do? tengok je la…. hahahhahahha… i gotta take up diving la. my husband doesnt mind as long as i don cross the line. look see look see cannnnn…. man, now i cannot work. hahahhahahah

Eddy…which part of Sud Afrika are you based?

eddyyyyyy…. kau memang masih naughty lagi ya girl! still the same eddy i know in school!

SD – am in cape town. he’s so cute i cant stop smiling. or more like sengeh…hahhaha…that’s the type of cute that makes me sengeh all da time. aiya…. n the 3rd pic, he looks exactly like my first love of my life there. i bet spazm is way younger than me huh?

jazz – of course la naughty! nothings changed (except extra 10 kilos n Benito), still the same ol me. just the other day nazlin called me from uk and asked me how to flirt. i still have it, baby! hahahhahahhaha….

Eddy…Kaap Stadt…not District Six I hope..or has that place changed for the better now? I miss that place. I miss waking up to see Table Mountain’s tablecloth.

Yes, he is way younger.

hey, i’m not that old ok. hee hee

ek is bly n kaap stad. nowhere near the city tho. we boring ppl live in the suburbs. my first office faced table mountain. breathtaking….

CT’s changed. district six i just another tourist destination. it’s like reverse apartheid here. oh well, each country has their on ‘kaak’ (i.e. shit) to deal with.

bila nak dtg sini bawak yummybaby?

Eddy…one fine day. As the malays would say “If have age long”

when you do, dont forget to bring me some maggi ok.. 🙂

cheh… maggi je dia mintak…

hey SD…this guys is cute… :p

jazz – nah, the list… we start off with maggi then famous amos no nut choc chip 500g x 2 sealed, F&N sirap ros, ribena, A&W root beer, dodol, sambal belacan, keropok, kaya, perencah nasi goreng/mihun goreng/nasi beryani/etc, starbucks green tea frap and krispy kreme donuts (opening soon in One Utama kan?). 🙂

owh.. comeii sungguh jejaka itu. sapa nama? umur berapa? thee hee hee

ohhh… and why is derrick getting special attention???? hahaha….

wooiitts…mana royalty fees for this entries with all my pictures in it..:)

sorry lah bro..gua sudah menghilang so so long….so many things to do and yet so little time…:)

Have u moved kah??…buzz me when u free lah around PJ..we TT>.:)

Hahaha…bro. I am still in KL…haven’t moved yet. But right now I am logging in from Batu Pahat. Baby’s grandma passed away earlier this afternoon. Will see you soon.

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