As I Turn 42…

The last sunset of my 41st year on this earth

That’s the last sunset for the 41 years that I have lived on this earth.

A year ago everything was going wrong with my life; it was the start of my annus horribilis, or so I thought, but in the end, as it is mentioned in the Quran that “the end is always better than the beginning.

Sunset on 8th July 2007
The sunset on 8th July 2007

I was in two relationships that got nowhere; one was readily identified that nothing could be done about it that by mid July of last year, we remained just as friends although we still went out with each other, culminating in the closure done on 1st September 2007. This was followed by another one where I was given hope that it would conclude as something solid, a lifetime commitment by the other party – but that ended in a bad way on 9th December 2007. 2007 was the year I opened up my heart again to learn how to love as how it should be, but I was taught the painful way; the latter of two was a betrayal of sort. That betrayal almost made me a non-believer of love again. I met a few people along the way, nice people, and that helped me get through the painful days of trying to forget the person who ditched me, and I would like to thank them for helping to see me through.

Ironically, it was the person who hurt me most whom had “brought” me to this wonderful person who is now on the verge of sharing her life with me. In essence, we are already sharing our lives together, but the legal status is now being pursued actively. I had to attend that dinner that was “orchestrated” by this lovely person, because I have heard, by word of mouth, that her burgers are something to die for.

Her burgers
The home-made burgers to die for

And it was that stolen peck on the cheeks and subsequent bear hug that started the spark that the Rainmaker saw that night. Two days later, all the pieces fell into place beautifully, and a great journey commenced.

And I hope that a year from now, the sunset will be just as it was on this day, two years ago.

Sunset on 8th July 2006
Sunset on 8th July 2006

And I hope to watch the sunset every year on the 8th July, with her.