It Is The End

Tomorrow, 14th July 2008, will be the last day of this blog before it is taken offline. I have decided not to carry on with this blog anymore.

It has been a great weekend as far as Yummy Baby and I are concerned. My kids spent one whole day with her and her kids (24 hours), had BBQ together with our good friends, bloggers, divers and non-divers alike. It was good to see people like Walking Vibrator, Spena, DNAS and hubby (and kids), Gemgem Odorono Corleone, Siti Nur Estina Elysha, Neomesuff, Lina Hasbullah, Rina Madonna Ciccone, Fin, Liverpool Babe, Gombak4Life, Rainmaker, Feisal, Baby Setan, Accord Buruk, Chor, She, Zimm, Oja and her cousin. The whole thing ended at around 3am with Fin being the last one to leave. The fact that our kids clicked, and she is loved by them strenghtens this relationship even further.

Today also, my final attempt at bridging the differences between my parents and I have failed tremendously. Therefore I shall not pursue this matter anymore. It has been a year since we fell apart; various attempts have failed before, it has now failed for the last time even with my daughter making the plea. So, that’s it.

I can only look forward to begin sharing my life with Yummy Baby. In two weeks time we will be migrating, and I am not going to look back anymore. In this second half of this lifetime, I am going to concentrate on having a happy life, happier than it is now, with her, and my kids and hers.

To all whom have been supporting and reading this blog, I thank you for staying up to this point.

Take care, and may you live long and prosper.

7 Replies to “It Is The End”

  1. i had stumbled upon ur blog quite some time ago…somehow i got hook to reading ur blog for it really has all the drama ( cry cry laugh laugh) and action ( dush dush) beats watching a good bollywood movie..haha anyway it’s really good to know a happy ending to your journey are a blessed person with good friends that care and a love of your life ….i can only pray that u and your family would continue to be blessed with happiness till the end….

  2. I for one will miss your daily entries….
    For the past few weeks of sorting out my own ‘transition’ period, I have found your blog to be quite therapeutic and sort of an escape from my daily routines….
    And I will also miss all the K3J gatherings… despite being party to it only recently…
    But as they say, as one chapter ends, another begins….. I think….
    All the best for the both of you….. I am sure the future will only get better….

    Now to find another blog for my daily escapes…….

  3. anybody wanna bet with me that this guy will be writing again soon?? but not so soon maybe…

  4. Hey, Tiger…all the best to you ya…

    All bad things will eventually come to an end and am happy for you that good days are ahead… 🙂

    You will always be a good friend to me in my hour of need, despite just knowing you.
    Please take care of yourself and yb too.
    Congratulations and I wish the very best for both of you!!!

    No blogs but we can always write each other….xxx
    Keep me informed of your new life down South…

    Forever your CINCIN…BB… 🙂

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