I Don’t Know What Title To Put But I Know I Was Drunk

I still am, actually. It was just two hours ago that I ended the drinking binge so I could go and pick up Yummy Baby who was having networking dinner with her boss. I went to this restaurant that we had wanted to go to but couldn’t find it – so there I was, alone. Therefore, mind my spelling should an error occur. I am not in the right frame of mind typing this.

Anyway, I look at people who were in the area, some were still in their working clothes, having dinner with friends. Maybe this is why many marriages fail. Husbands and wives see each other for only half an hour before they leave home for work. Then, if they are into YM and other chat stuff, they spend some 10 hours online. Then they get home and tend to the kids. By the time they were finally alone, they’d be too tired to do anything else. So they actually get some 1 hour a day with each other not saying much.

After a while, this routine becomes a norm. Then each thinks that the other doesn’t love the other person as much as they used to. Soon, they stop talking, and along comes someone more “suitable” in office, whom he or she spends 10 hours with everyday, and an office affair starts, just because he or she gets more attention in the office by this other person than from their own spouse. But both refuse to acknowledge that they allow the marriage to slide down the drain like that.

That is how shit happens.

Anyway, Yummy Baby was having a networking dinner with her boss and another colleague. And a hungry me decided to go and find this Chippy that has eluded our radar once before. I made the mistake of having four bottles of beer (I AM NOT A BEER DRINKER, OKAY? I WAS DEPRESSED!) and two glasses of white wine on an empty stomach. Then I decided to order the Barramundi and Chips. That I downed with another three glasses of margharita. It was almost like vodka blended with ice with little else. Just more alcohol than any of the margharitas I have ever had. It was when I was downing the second glass that I thought KL was being hit by a mild earthquake.

On my third glass, a Japanese woman chatted me up. I am not too sure whether she mentioned her name as Misako or Matsuko because being loaded with so much alcohol, it sounded more or less the same. I guess when it occured to her that I wasn’t smiling at her because I had wanted to, but more because of the alcohol content in my system, she left without saying goodbye.

And Yummy Baby experienced for the first time, my driving the car at speeds not exceeding 60kmh.

We got home, talked for a bit…less than half an hour, and now she is asleep. And there isn’t enough alcohol to make me stop thinking so I could go to sleep. Anyway, here are some photos:

The menu on the wall. Sorry pic’s blurred because I couldn;t keep my hands steady

Barramundi and chips
Barramundi and chips…can lah

Potent stuff
Potent stuff

I had 4 bottles of this

Oh woe me! I am all alone with nothing much to do.

My Companion

Nisaa at the playground 23 June 08
Nisaa at the playground 23 June 08
Nisaa and I
Nisaa and I

My daughter Nisaa has always been my constant companion, and my best friend.  She used to hang around me a lot until she got her PSP.  She still hangs out with me during the day, but will have the PSP in her hands.  I would turn slowly to look at her whenever the PSP emits strange sounds…burps, farts…it is this funny game that she loves playing.  At the age of 3, she sure has good hand and finger coordination as compared to I.

Soon I will be moving.  She won’t be following me as her mother has protested against my intention of taking her with me.  It would be sad to think that she would be alone at home with no one to play with as all her other siblings would be at school during the day.  Usually, I would be there for her.  She would clamber onto my back and massage my head, or my shoulders, and peck me on either cheek or both.  She would blow me a kiss whenever she is about to leave the room.

It was just two days ago, while I was doing some work online, and she was on her PSP, I took off my t-shirt as I was feeling warm.  She looked at me and said, “Nisaa pun nak buka baju jugalah. Nisaa pun panas.”  She took off her t-shirt, took a pillow and lay beside me on the floor; her tiny hand held mine and she fell asleep.

Nisaa asleep 15 July 08
Nisaa asleep 15 July 08

I am going to miss her terribly.  If only her mother is more open-minded.

Adagio For Strings

Adagio For Strings is a new piece somewhat, it was written in the last century by Samuel Barber.  I first heard of it when a friend’s father played it on his record player back in the 1970s and I thought to myself, “What a depressing piece of music.”  I was reminded of this piece again when it became the movie Platoon‘s soundtrack – and I remember all tha jungle bashing with my squadmates in heavy rain, with leeches hanging on to the skin of my legs, slippery hillslopes where we would just move to the side and grabbed any small vegetation for anchor while someone upfront slips and slides down the slope. Agony and misery all in one.

Watching the Parliament debates as well as the circus put on live TV last night reminded me of this piece of depressing music again.  After the 8th March 2008 General Elections Malaysians have been watching agonisingly lawmakers making fools of themselves, I mean, more foolish than ever before, while the sanctity of the Parliament reduced to a shallow and meaningless grandstand for political fame rather than having so-called lawmakers working for the people according to what have been mandated to them by the people.

On both sides of the political fence, we see MPs more bent on making headlines and grabbing media attention by hurling abuses at each other, staging walkouts just because their political agenda did not get the treatment preferred, BN and PR MPs being absent because they are still going around making roadshows and so on.  When are they ever going to work for the people?  On one hand we have the BN refusing to listen, on the other you have the PR ones making ridiculous claims about ship-jumping politicians and forming of the next government. Is that all the Parliament is for?  Why can’t BN MPs take positive and constructive criticisms and apply it to the benefit of the people?  Why can’t PR MPs stop staging walkouts and act childishly instead of continue sitting and debating issues for the benefit of the people?  is this about themselves, both BN and PR?  They should realise that they are mere servants to you and I.  SERVANTS.  In other words: KULI BATAK.  Not VVIPs or VIPs.  I can ask any of them to polish my shoes for me, by right. I helped put them there.  Would a government filled with traitors and opportunists (political term is: ship-jumpers) be a strong and credible one?

MPs should also maintain decorum. It has nothing to do with the decor of the Parliament, but a positively-decorated behaviour in Parliament.  Stop name-callings, hurling abuses at each other and get down to work.

The Prime Minister should also realise that he is responsible for the dismal performance of the pre-2008 cabinet and Barisan Nasional.  He may call it collective-decision-making but as the captain of the BN ship, he is responsible for their conduct and actions.  UMNO members should also realise that the party is being administered by the Majlis Tertinggi under the auspices of the President; but these are people elected to those posts and they are not up there to be worshipped.  ALL POSTS should be allowed to be contested.  Prior to 2003 there was never a tradition of handing over/taking over of posts as claimed by most Ahli Majlis Tertinggi.  Dr M may have been handed the role of President when the late Hussein Onn stepped down, but he was an acting President and still had to fight to retain that post.  I am very disturbed when newspapers start to write about this and that state have endorsed Pak Lah and Najib as President and Deputy President, when the state liaison is powerless to decide.  It is just a liaison office, not a decision-making body.  The decision lies in the hands of the members of each of the Division through the Perwakilan Cawangan.  It is the grassroot that picks the President and other administrators of UMNO via their representatives.  No one person has the right to say “We have endorsed so and so as President, and so and so as Deputy President.”  Everything has to be voted for.

As for the man they term the Prime Minister in Waiting, for fuck’s sake, go and make your statement to the Police to assist them in their investigations.  What are you trying to do to this country by shedding it in bad light by running away to another country’s ambassador’s residence upon being accused of something you claim you did not do?  Then you go on claiming that there is an assassination attempt on you – very stupid indeed – when you emerge from the residence in a 4WD ala Benazir Bhutto, waving at your supporters without any fear of any assassination attempt?  If I were the government, I would not ask someone to assassinate you. I would rather have you go through the court process and let you make a monkey of yourself. So, if you are a God-fearing man as you claim, why do you fear injustice? Why the hurry to become the next Prime Minister? Is this what your politics is all about?  Is the fight of your party solely for the purpose of putting you in the Prime Minister’s office?  Why the hurry? Mandela spent almost three decades on Robbin Island and he still made it as the President of South Africa.  He had the patience because his struggle was pure and was for the people.  Why talk about reducing fuel prices by 50 sen when you ask the BN government why raise fuel price post-elections beyond RM1.92/liter?  Talk about bringing it back to the pre-election level and lower, if possible.  A RM6 billion subsidy that you have proposed equals to only RM240 per annum for each of the 25 million Malaysians.  That is a shitty RM20 per month in fuel rebates.  That is only 20 liters of petrol by the pre-election levels.  I can hardly get anywhere with that. 117kms the most in-town driving.  That is like one trip to and fro to KL from where I live with a little more to spare for the jams.  So get real.  Be more innovative and talk about where you plan to alleviate the sufferings of the people with that RM6 billion.

The 8th March 2008 General Elections has been a tragedy for the general population who have little or no interest in the political shamble this country is in.  They just want to live their lives comfortably, in a country governed properly, with little or no idiots trying to kick up a fuss here and there.

The people should wake up to the circus they themselves have created, and have become part of the troupe.

Therefore I would like to dedicate this depressing piece to the Malaysians.

Brand New Day

My blog at http://www.narcaholic.com is still there.  It will be taken offline 30 days from now. The only thing is I can no longer access the account, the dashboard, the e-mails and what-nots. After 3 years, it has served its purpose.  It was meant to be a dive-blog, but in the end it became something else.  Therefore I want to start anew, and here I am, on this blog.  However, all my 1804 previous postings have been moved from that site to here.

I’m also starting a new life with Yummy Baby.  It is such a nice feeling waking up with someone, not hearing screams, not hearing political phone calls…nothing.  Just a sweet smiling face that says, “Good morning, Sayang. I love you.”  And I get this daily without fail…and at night.  Finally, I can sleep early, my mind at rest, and I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with my head spinning round and round from too much thinking.  I now sleep before midnight when a year ago it was almost difficult for me to sleep at all.  And everytime we turn off at different exits in the morning on the way to work, we would text our feelings for each other, and she would send something like: “Miss u already.”  And nobody has said that to me before. not in the manner she says it to me.  Although we have mentioned at the beginning of this relationship that we will not have any child together, I guess due to this strong mutual feeling, we would like to have one as a testimony to this great love we have for each other.  At least when I go, a part of me will stay behind with her.

The only way to go is forward, the only thing to pursue is happiness.

Here is to a brand new day.

Hoping for a brighter future
Hoping for a brighter future

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is my first post.

Well, actually my previous blog was using WordPress’s engine, so the only real change here is the URL and appearance. I thought it would be nice to change the theme to something else in conjuntion with my starting a new life with <em>Yummy Baby</em>.  I have also transferred all the old postings from Narcaholic here.

Enjoy your time here and thanks for your support.

It Is The End

Tomorrow, 14th July 2008, will be the last day of this blog before it is taken offline. I have decided not to carry on with this blog anymore.

It has been a great weekend as far as Yummy Baby and I are concerned. My kids spent one whole day with her and her kids (24 hours), had BBQ together with our good friends, bloggers, divers and non-divers alike. It was good to see people like Walking Vibrator, Spena, DNAS and hubby (and kids), Gemgem Odorono Corleone, Siti Nur Estina Elysha, Neomesuff, Lina Hasbullah, Rina Madonna Ciccone, Fin, Liverpool Babe, Gombak4Life, Rainmaker, Feisal, Baby Setan, Accord Buruk, Chor, She, Zimm, Oja and her cousin. The whole thing ended at around 3am with Fin being the last one to leave. The fact that our kids clicked, and she is loved by them strenghtens this relationship even further.

Today also, my final attempt at bridging the differences between my parents and I have failed tremendously. Therefore I shall not pursue this matter anymore. It has been a year since we fell apart; various attempts have failed before, it has now failed for the last time even with my daughter making the plea. So, that’s it.

I can only look forward to begin sharing my life with Yummy Baby. In two weeks time we will be migrating, and I am not going to look back anymore. In this second half of this lifetime, I am going to concentrate on having a happy life, happier than it is now, with her, and my kids and hers.

To all whom have been supporting and reading this blog, I thank you for staying up to this point.

Take care, and may you live long and prosper.


Bukan World Taekwondo Federation.

Petang semalam aku dengan Yummy Baby terperangkap dalam traffic jam di hadapan sebuah stesen LRT di dalam kawasan bawah naungan MBPJ. Macam biasa, Yummy Baby tengah sendawa teruk disebabkan overdose Cafe au Lait sambil membuka tingkap agar bau-bauan tidak terperangkap dalam kereta. Aku memandang ke dalam rear view mirror dan agak terkejut bukan sahaja kerana kereta belakang aku berhenti dengan begitu rapat, malah, pemandunya, seorang wanita bertudung hitam dan berkaca hitam jam 7 petang sedang mengorek hidung. When I say she was picking her nose, I mean using a finger for each nostril simultaneously. I was like…HOLY F*CK!. Sekilas pandang akan wajah bertudung tersebut, aku nampak seolah-olah His Excellency President-For-Life General Dr Idi Amin Dada al-Haj yang memakai tudung hitam, memandu sebuah Mercedes Benz berwarna metallic grey, sambil mengorek kedua-dua belah lubang hidung serentak. I mean, if you have to do it, do it discreetly. Looking at someone picking his/her nose is bad enough, this is picking both nostrils in one go! Learn from the Jejaka Kepala Batas on how to do it discreetly:

Korek Hidung Skets
“Korek hidung skets sambil pura-pura tidoq!”

Or, if you are a celebrity, then you would get away with it. Look at how Crakco Whacko Jacko picks his nose:

Michael Jackson picking nose

And of course, she could yawn with a mouth bigger than that of a Hippopotamus.

I had to put up with her antiques for some 15 minutes before I managed to clear the junction. I know I could have avoided staring into my rear-view mirror…tapi minah ni punya lah besar, she literally filled up my rear-view mirror’s field of view that the slightest movement of her fingers, which were probably twice the size of my biggest of fingers, would attract attention. Even the guy in the car next to hers cringed. And the creme de la creme was that she rolled her booger in between her thumb and index finger.


I was lucky the car in front of me moved; otherwise I might have caught another antique of hers which could probably be her eating that booger ball/em> like what the former Italian premier did previously.

BerlusconiClick here for more amazing videos

I’ll have that with double espresso please.

It’s Final

It’s final. Both Yummy Baby and I will be settling down and will be migrating at the end of the month.

We made the decision early this afternoon and are now in the process of finalizing a few details.

We’re going to miss the friends whom we’ve always regarded as our own brothers and sisters, but we hope to come back once in a while, or hopefully they could come and visit us from time to time.

It would be different not having friends around. Our place has always been the Roman forum, and now someone’s place will have to take over that role.

We’re going to miss them terribly.

Tak Ada Taik…Tapi Ada Satu Taik

I was at the car workshop near my place just now minding my own business when out of the blue someone greeted me with a big slap on my back. Lucky for him I was surfing Gmail on my phone when he did that; usually instinct would tell me to quickly take one side-step, quick cuff applied to the Adam’s Apple, and knuckles to hit the nose bone so it would slide all the way back into the brain, maiming him instantly, killing him a few seconds later. I turned to look at him, half-pissed, and said, “Oh, hi!” I said. “I thought it was you. You were looking good from afar. Here you’re looking far from good.”

He laughed. “Isn’t it a bit early for sarcasms?” he asked.

Oh, WOW! He actually knows what SARCASM is. I thought that such a big word would be beyond his comprehension. Somehow, it hits me that although he knows the definition of the word, he’s just too thick to recognise that it was directed at him. Seriously, I do not know anyone who hasn’t yet made a sarcastic remark or gesture towards him. If you feel pain in the butt, look behind you and you might just find him there. He is the type that during the Residents Association meetings, would interject at every single opportunity he gets. If you talk about security companies, he knows the best; if you talk about R.A-organised dinners; he would come out with the concept and how to go about it; when the BN local councillors didn’t do their job properly, the Opposition was good to him, Now he says that they are as bad as the ones in the BN. But when asked to be a committee member he would go, “It’s okay. You guys are doing a good job. Just carry on.” If you stand and chat in a group, he would butt in and take over the conversation. You want to change your oil filter, he would suggest something out-of-the-ordinary for your car. You talk about the problems your car has, he would tell you about his Beemer that is problem-free.

He is just a pain in the butt.

So there he was yakking away like a crazed Yak, going on about politics and so on, and how this Datuk and that Tan Sri had related to him the most confidential of all confidential details of the local political scene, while I ignored him completely, checking all e-mail accounts…repeatedly. The best part is, he kept on yakking away even when the foreman came to tell me to pick the car up at noon.

Suddenly he stopped. “I see you have been ignoring me,” he said. “Why do you people always ignore me like there is nothing I can give?

I put my phone into my pocket, held his shoulder and said, “There is something that only you can give that we all would like very much from you.

His eyes glittered as if he had just gotten the best news in life ever. “Really?” he smiled wide. “What’s that?

Your absence,” I replied and walked away leaving him dumbfounded.

I’m sure he has just found out that he is dumb.