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Well, Not Well

Posted on: July 20, 2008

Resting on Babys shoulder

Resting on Baby's shoulder

This is the fourth day that I am not well. My cough is not getting any better.  To add insult to injury, my notebook’s screen’s given up on me.  Well, something like that.

Yummy Baby had wanted me to taste her soto daging and to be able to do that, we had to buy some meat from…where else, but the Penjual Daging‘s place.  Although he never appeared throughout the visit (we were attended to by his partner), I knew if he was up there he could see us through the CCTV’s monitor.  That was probably how he saw us during the last visit; and I went “Damn! I hadn’t washed Yummy Baby’s car yet!”  Luckily he did not appear at all.

The Soto Night was good.  Rainmaker, Rina Madonna Ciccone and Shark’s Fin came.  They stayed until 2am or so.  Yummy Baby and I were both so tired that we went straight to bed after doing the dishes, and I was coughing my lungs out.  We woke up several times in the morning, and finally had to wake up when Spena sent a text to her saying she was on the way to have her soto lunch.

Komar and I after whcking soto

Komar and I after whcking soto

After lunch, the three of us decided it was bad for us to stay home on a Sunday. So I called my daughters up and asked them to get ready to go out.  However, only Fazira was ready when we arrived and Hana was still watching TV.  So we went to Tony Roma’s and had a good…errr, post-lunch lunch.  It was Fazira’s second meeting with Yummy Baby but she really looks up to the latter as a mother-figure.  I can’t blame my daughter. She needs a mother-figure for love and attention. She has matured beyond her age, taking over responsibilities at such a young age – the victim of circumstances.

Anyway, it was a good outing for all of us.  Upon reaching home, I developed a temperature and was groaning and shivering.  Yummy Baby was there to look after me.  I was both happy and sad that tears rolled down my cheeks: happy because I finally get to feel wifely love and attention; sad because I am not able to take care of her, as I should, givng her the husbandly love and attention.  I thank God that after all the crap that I had to go through, I have finally met the person whom I would love to die as her husband.

Fazira and Spena

Fazira and Spena

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